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Comparing Best Cashback Sites: The Components of Best Cashback Portals

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The number of cashback websites that promise to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations is huge but in reality only a few manage to actually meet them.
Even big organizations with thousands of users claim to have the best cashback site but hire an incompetent third party organization to handle the cashback process.
However, you can still find a handful of websites that stay true to their promise and as a result have accumulated a large following of loyal customers.
Before diving into the depths of cashback, let’s break down the whole process.
How Do Cashback Websites Work?
For instance, Steve wants to buy an iPhone 7 Plus worth $850. If he were to purchase it through Apple’s official website, it will cost him exactly $850.
While shopping for alternatives, he finds a cashback website that offers 10% cashback on every purchase of iPhones. Steve signs up for the website, and places an order on an iPhone 7 and confirms a payment of $850.
The cashback website gets 20% of the total price ($850) as commission, i.e. $170. The site then forwards 10% of the commission, $85 to Steve as cashback.
Steve now has an iPhone worth $850 as well as $85 in cash as reward.
What Happened Here?
You sign up for a website that provides cashback facility to its users
After you’re a member of the site, you can proceed to place an order as you normally would
You confirm your payment for your purchase at the actual or discounted price
The cashback site gets a certain percentage of commission
The commission is shared with you in the end.

Let us take a look at the must have components of two leading cashback sites:
A way to add new members to the website using registration form
Presenting the best offer that the cashback site has to offer on a particular day
Intuitive product navigation style offered to the visitor
Retaining visitors by sending them relevant and interesting offers and updates
Addressing the inquiries that a normal visitor might have
A way to connect with the users using different platforms of social media

Registration Form
The best cashback portals try to retain their customers by requesting them to sign up for the website. Some sites do it by using a pop-up registration form while some record customer behavior and present the form at an appropriate time.
The moment you enter Ebates, a pop-up window welcomes you to register for the website.


While this feature might be able to convert most visitors into registered members, some visitors might find it inappropriate to blindly sign up for a website they’re visiting for the first time. This might even lead to a higher bounce rate of visitors.
CamelRebates, on the other hand has a simple layout with ‘Sign In’ and ‘Sign Up’ buttons placed at the top right corner of the site.

Having the freedom to sign up for the website at any point the visitor is comfortable might be a better option for customers.
Either way, having a registration form that is easily accessible to the visitor helps convert them into a loyal customer in the long run.

Attractive Offers Display
Since there are many cashback sites that offer identical services, a good website must stand out from the crowd by displaying attractive offers that offer higher value than the competitors.
Both of these websites have a banner at the top of the page that display featured offers of the day.

Ebates’ website displays the highest percentage of cash back along with an approximate total of coupons and stores that provide cashback. The right hand corner shows a list of the most visited online stores such as Amazon and Walmart.

CamelRebates on the other hand has small cards of different shopping sites that show the offers and coupons while you hover your mouse cursor over a specific card. Below the cards, a banner slide show that displays the number of deals featured on a specific day.

Categorical Product Display
Categorically displaying products helps the visitor to access exactly what they’re looking for without being overwhelmed by the vast amount of products that reside in the website.


Ebates has an ‘All Stores’ button that drops down categorically into different sections.
Besides this, the website has different categories throughout the page that change according to the day of the week.

CamelRebates has a similar interface that displays different coupons and cashback schemes in accordance to Online Services, Food and Drink and Heal and Beauty categories. It also has a ‘Top 50’ category which includes the coupon codes of top 50 coupons in the website.

Subscription Form
Subscription form or newsletters are an important aspect of customer retention, which help to keep the customer updated about the latest deals and offers that have been featured in the website.
An inactive customer who hasn’t purchased any product in a long time might visit the website if he/she gets an email during Christmas which shows a high percentage cashback on specific Christmas products.
Ebates does not have a subscription form in its home page.


CamelRebates has a simple “Subscribe Now” box in its home page with a label that says “It’s FREE”. Once again, CamelRebates relies on simplicity and minimalism in this category as well.


Help and FAQ Related Information
One of the must haves of best cashback websites is the help and FAQ related information. They serve as a way of letting the customers know that the organization is willing to be transparent and helping the visitors in any general queries that they might have.

 Ebates has a ‘Help’ button located at the top right corner of its website. It covers various topics such as ‘Help Signing In’, ‘Earning Cash Back’, ‘Technical Support’, ‘Company Information’ and so forth. The best part about Ebates’ help section is a 30 second video that demonstrates how the site works.

CamelRebates has a similar positioning of the ‘Help’ button and the top corner of the website. It covers general questions about coupons, questions about vouchers and so on. The customer can fill out a form along with their name, email and question which is replied by the support team.


Linking Social Media
Maintaining a social media profile across various platforms is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. The best cashback portals have a strong social media presence with regularly updated schemes and products marketed using specific formats.

Ebates has a banner at the end of its homepage that includes the links to its social media profiles such as RSS Feed, Blog, Google+, Facebook, and others.

CamelRebates has a similar banner that redirects its customers to their social media profiles.
In order to have a greater customer base, having as many relevant accounts across such platforms will ultimately generate more followers.

While these points aren’t a rule of thumb in constructing a cashback website, they should provide a general idea about what you should include in a user friendly and responsive cashback site.

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