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iLead Digital was founded on October 2010 with the aim to establish our name as the one-stop solution for a scalable cashback script.

So far we have helped hundreds of affiliate projects including cashback, reward and loyalty projects; coupons code, price comparison websites and affiliate add-ons. Our core competencies differentiate us from others in the affiliate industry and eCommerce projects with clients based in the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and the MENA region.

We specialize in a scalable cashback script suitable for both startups and corporations.

iLead Digital has built a strong reputation with clients all across the globe in affiliate and eCommerce projects. Our portfolio section showcases a variety of projects we have delivered to our clients.

We are composed of a strong design and development team with over six years of experience that makes us a unique and valuable choice for all affiliate and eCommerce projects.

Our skills and knowledge in the affiliate and eCommerce arena with multi language and multi-country support make us the first choice for organizations around the world.

Connect with us for your next eCommerce or affiliate project and discuss it in detail with confidence.

Our Team

Roshan Bhattarai

Roshan Bhattarai

Co-Founder and CTO

I manage the technical aspects of the project and company and besides that anything you want me to do 🙂

Haico Duisters

Haico Duisters


Within iLeadDigital,I am responsible for the overall management together with my partner Roshan. I enjoy the challenges of adapting new developments; implement them in our company for the benefit of our customers.

Sunita Kawan

Sunita Kawan

Project Manager

I am a Project Manager as well as Scrum Master on the Application Team. I manage projects and resources within the team for iLeadDigital.

Anjana Prajapati

Anjana Prajapati

Lead Developer

I work on web development. I build websites using different open source PHP frameworks & CMS like WordPress, MODX, Opencart, CakePHP. I also build ecommerce websites and enjoy coding using jQuery, HTML and CSS.

Nishant Acharya

Nishant Acharya

Digital Marketer & Affiliate Marketing Expert

I love articulating and expressing ideas in the form of writing. I’m also a passionate guitar player who composes music while being sleep-deprived in the process 😉

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