Too Many Options are Confusing – Present a Comparison of the BEST that
You Offer
  • Customers face this challenge every day while shopping online; not knowing if they’re getting the best
    deal available on every purchase. They spend hours looking for the lowest price website for online
  • But what if you could provide them with a website that lets them choose the best sites for online
    shopping ALL IN ONE PLACE?


Comparison Shopping Engine

77% of UK internet users compare prices online!
65% of Swedish customers use price comparison sites to shop online!
A single website to find cheapest prices not only saves time, but also allows
your customers to save
money while hunting for the cheapest price online.
iLead Digital’s price comparison script can be used to list and compare different vendors’ price
features of different products including the offers available. You site’s visitors can easily choose the
lowest price website for online shopping with a single click.

Comparison Shopping Engine  Available Features


Powerful, User Friendly, Unprecedented Access

Data Management

Retail/Store Data Management, Vouchers, iCodes/PopShop API


Blogs, Forum, FAQ’s, Press/Partners, Testimonials, Static Pages, Image Bank


Social Bookmarks, Newsletter, Banners, Tracking Campaigns

Price Comparison Management

Price Comparison Creation, Vendor Management


Analytics, Store Performance, Keyword, Users, Exit Click, Referrals


Affiliate Networks, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Responsive Design

Smooth User Experience, Accumulated Sharing, SEO, Less Maintenance, Flexible Images