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  • What influences this decision?

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On an average, UK adults use 16 voucher codes PER YEAR
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What features do I get with Discount Voucher CMS?

iLead Digital provides best-in- class Discount Voucher CMS while complementing your website’s unique design.

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Discount Voucher Solution  Available Features


Powerful, User Friendly, Unprecedented Access

Data Management

Retail/Store Data Management, Vouchers, iCodes/PopShop API


Blogs, Forum, FAQ’s, Press/Partners, Testimonials, Static Pages, Image Bank


Social Bookmarks, Newsletter, Banners, Tracking Campaigns

Discount Voucher Management

Create/Modify/Remove Discount Vouchers


Voucher Analytics, Store Performance, Keyword, Users, Exit Click, Referrals


Affiliate Networks, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Responsive Design

Smooth User Experience, Accumulated Sharing, SEO, Less Maintenance, Flexible Images