Comparison of Mobile Phone Prices on Different Websites – All in One Place!
  • The number of mobile phones available in the market is astounding. A potential buyer has to go through the trouble of spending hours and hours to compare mobile prices on different websites.
  • What if you could provide them with a SINGLE website that compares the prices of mobile phones on different websites?


Mobile Comparison Solution

4.77 billion people are expected to own mobile phones by 2017!
54% of Denmark shoppers use price comparison site EVERY TIME before buying.

What features do I get with Mobile Comparison?

Using our Mobile Comparison CMS, your customers will be able to easily compare mobile prices on different websites without leaving YOUR site.

It’s a win-win for both you and the customer because they save time and you generate traffic by allowing them to save time.

Mobile Comparison Solution  Available Features


Powerful, User Friendly, Unprecedented Access

Data Management

Retail/Store Data Management, Vouchers, iCodes/PopShop API


Blogs, Forum, FAQ’s, Press/Partners, Testimonials, Static Pages, Image Bank


Social Bookmarks, Newsletter, Banners, Tracking Campaigns

Mobile Phones Management

Add New Mobile Phone, Modify or Remove Existing Mobile
Phone Details


Comparison Analytics, Store Performance, Keyword, Users, Exit Click, Referrals


Affiliate Networks, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Responsive Design

Smooth User Experience, Accumulated Sharing, SEO, Less Maintenance, Flexible Images